Chad Daybell: Lori Vallow’s Husband Charged After Children’s Remains Found On Property

chad daybell

Facebook/police release Chad Daybell with his first wife, Tammy Daybell

Chad Daybell is the husband of Lori Vallow, whose 8 and 17-year-old children disappeared in September, was taken into custody by Idaho police Tuesday when human remains were allegedly discovered on his property.

A Fremont County prosecutor confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the remains belonged to two children, CNN reported.

Rexburg Police and the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office announced Daybell’s arrest at a news conference Tuesday and noted that he would make a closed court appearance Wednesday.

Daybell was formally charged Wednesday morning with two felony counts of destroying evidence, Court TV reported.

Here’s what you need to know about Chad Daybell’s arrest yesterday.

The Couple’s Two Children Were Last Seen In September 2019, & Vallow Is Imprisoned On $1 Million Bond.

JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan

FacebookJJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan

Tylee Ryan, 17, and Joshua Vallow, 8, both disappeared in September 2019 on different dates. Vallow and Daybell were both sought by police, but nowhere to be found until late January, when Vallow was located in Kauai, Hawaii, and extradited to Idaho on charges of desertion and nonsupport of children, according to a criminal complaint filed against her.

Vallow was initially held on $5 million bond, but later had it reduced to $1 million. Her attorney has requested the bond be lowered to between $100,000 and $250,000 — a more “reasonable” amount, given the coronavirus epidemic, East Idaho News reported.

Daybell & Vallow’s Case Is Made Considerably More Bizarre By The Couple’s Religious Beliefs — And The Fact That Both Had Spouses Die Young.

Daybell and Vallow subscribe to an apocalyptic offshoot of the Latter-Day Saints faith, according to a University of Chicago Divinity School article by religious scholar Christopher James Blythe.

Blythe wrote that the couple’s “enthusiasm for the last days” was part of what held them together, with Daybell a popular author of Latter-Day Saints end-times novels and Vallow a podcaster for an organization called Preparing a People. The organization is self-described as a “network of podcasts dedicated to helping physically and spiritually Prepare A People for the Second of Coming of Jesus Christ.”

A custody dispute between Vallow and her late husband, Charles, during divorce proceedings brought forth allegations that Vallow may have held dangerous, deluded beliefs. In court documents, Charles said that Vallow believed she was a “translated being who cannot taste death, sent by god to lead the 144,000 into the Millennium,” FOX 10 Phoenix reported.

Charles also alleged that Vallow threatened to kill him if he got in the way of her apocalyptic preparations, the outlet reported.

Lori Vallow

Police release/Cold Case siteLori Vallow

And in July 2019, Charles was shot dead by Vallow’s brother, Alexander Cox, who later also died. Further complicating the case were the circumstances of Vallow and Daybell’s marriage: They wed a month after Daybell’s previous wife died of natural causes, the Times reported.

Daybell Has Been Charged With Two Felonies & The Human Remains Allegedly Belong To Two Different Children.

Daybell booking photo

Rexburg PoliceChad Daybell was arrested on June 9 and charged with two counts of concealing or destroying evidence.

After his court appearance Wednesday morning, Vallow was charged with two counts of concealing or destroying evidence, multiple outlets reported.

Daybell “did willfully conceal and/or did aid and abet another to willfully conceal human remains, knowing that said human remains were about to be produced, used and/or discovered as evidence in a felony proceeding,” the charging document read.

Rexburg police confirmed Wednesday that the human remains belonged to two different people, KTVB reported.

The remains belonged to two children, and one set was stored in a “particularly egregious” way, prosecutors said, according to East Idaho News.

Joshua’s grandmother, Kay Woodcock, told the outlet that police confirmed to her that one of the sets of remains belonged to the boy.

Autopsies will be performed, Rexburg police said in a release.

The grandparents, Kay and Larry, told East Idaho News that they were aware of police’s discovery at Daybell’s home.

“This is obviously a very difficult time for our family, and we ask that you respect our privacy as we wait further news with heavy hearts,” they said.

Bail information was not immediately available for Daybell, and Heavy was unable to contact his defense attorney.

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