Wisconsin Man Says He Was Beaten for Flying Trump 2020 Flag at Campground

greg bloch

Provided to Heavy by Greg Bloch Greg Bloch (r) and his Trump flag.

Greg Bloch, a Wisconsin man who works as a manufacturing operations manager, says he was beaten by a group of men who were upset about the Trump 2020 sign that he flew at a local campground. His two daughters and wife were also physically attacked, Bloch’s daughter says.

Bloch, who spoke to Heavy about the incident in a phone interview, says he reported the August 1 incident to the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating it and trying to identify the suspects. The Waushara County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Heavy that a report was made about an incident at the campground but did not release further details about it, saying that an open records request was needed. Heavy has filed an open records request for any records relating to the incident, which is pending.

“I’m disappointed in the fact that just because a flag was flying, people get the idea they can attack you,” said Bloch, who added that young children witnessed the attack and were crying. “I am disappointed this happened at a family campground where you think you’re safe.”

Bloch, 48, of Lomira, Wisconsin, told Heavy that he was camping with his wife, adult daughters, and extended family when the group of men attacked him and beat him about the head because of the Trump flag. He believes his nose was broken in the attack. He posted about the incident on Facebook, sharing photos of his bruised face and writing, “Got jumped at a campground in central Wisconsin this weekend by 3 individuals for flying my Trump 2020 flag. Wife and two daughters accosted while trying to get them off of me. Sheriff’s dept is currently searching for individuals involved. Wanted to share to let people know this can happen to anyone. Be careful out there!”

Bloch’s daughter, Alexandria Dean, wrote on Facebook, “Scariest thing I’ve been through in my 24 years of life but so thankful everyone is okay.” Nikki Zitlow Winiecki responded to the Facebook comment, writing, “Alexandria Dean agreed. A very scary moment that seemed to last an eternity!!”

Dean also spoke to Heavy in a phone interview. She said there were a lot of witnesses to the attack. “I think a lot of people came into it toward the end and obviously when people were trying to help us. From beginning to the end, I think there was maybe a handful of people, one of them being my little cousin who is 12 years old and is traumatized,” she said, adding that staff members from the campground also “came and helped.”

According to Dean, a woman in the group “came behind me and punched me in the back of the head and pulled my hair. The worst part is three guys attacking my dad and feeling so helpless. I got out of this lady’s grip. I hit the ground; my knees are scabbed up. She went to my mom and started pulling her hair. There were huge chunks of hair on the ground. One of these gentlemen pinned my sister against my dad’s truck and punched her in the face. Her jaw is all bruised.” She added: “Not a single person in my family has ever been in a confrontation or fight before. It’s not who we are. Clearly, we can’t even feel safe flying a flag.” Dean gave Heavy this photo of her sister’s bruised jaw:

Provided to Heavy by Alexandria DeanOne of Bloch’s daughters with a bruise on her face.

That sister, Victoria Bloch, 20, also confirmed that she witnessed the incident in a phone interview with Heavy. “I was yelling at them to get off our campsite. I saw one swing back to punch my dad so that’s when I ran away. My dad was on the ground, and there was three guys over him. I came behind one of the guys and pulled him off. He pinned me to the truck and punched me in jaw.”

She said, “I have a bruise on my chin,” and she said her collarbone was also bruised and swollen.

According to Bloch, he had just purchased the flag that day because the flags were on back order before. He said the incident occurred at the Oasis Campground in Hancock, Wisconsin. Heavy has left a message for management at that campground. If a comment is received, it will be added into this story.

“I’ve never been in a fight in my life,” said Bloch, who has also worked before as a volunteer firefighter. He said the attack is keeping “me up at night.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Bloch Says a Group of People Expressed Outrage Over His Trump Flag

greg bloch

facebookGreg Bloch (Note: He says he shaved his beard after he got him, hence the difference in pictures.)

According to Bloch, his family was camping when “three individuals came walking through our campsite. It was dusk, and they were coming from a pond, and they had been drinking and seemed pretty inebriated.” He believes they were a mother, her son in his 20s, and an older man. He says he doesn’t know their identities.

Bloch says the group apologized at first for dropping pizza boxes and beer cans as they walked behind his camper. “That’s when they saw my flag on my awning,” he told Heavy. The younger man then said, according to Bloch, “I’m Mexican. What’s up with that Trump flag?”

Bloch says he responded, “Trump loves everybody. Have a good night.” The man walked away and said, “That flag is coming down later,” according to Bloch, who says he responded, “No, it’s not.”

About 20 minutes later, he says he heard a noise at the back side of his camper, and he saw that the flag was torn down, and the mother from the earlier group had it. That’s when he says he was attacked.

Dean, 24, who works in the administrative office for a local company, said the family’s campground was positioned near the pool and pond area so people would walk through it. The people in question came “stumbling through and dropped pizza on the site.” She said the pizza was from the camp store, so security camera footage is being checked to try to identify them.

Bloch Says Three Men Punched Him Repeatedly in the Head & Dean Says She, Her Mother & Sister Were Also Physically Attacked

Greg Bloch

To Heavy from Greg BlochGreg Bloch

According to Bloch, the group now consisted of the mother, the original man in his 20s, and two other men in their 20s. “The original guy rushed me,” he told Heavy. “We went down to the ground. The other two started laying haymakers into my head along with the original guy. They were full out punching me in the head and ears.”

He said he was left with bruises all to the head area, and he believes his nose was broken. Bloch believes he would have been injured more seriously, but there was a parade going on nearby and his extended family and people from the parade rushed to his aid and ended the attack quickly.

Bloch says that his youngest daughter, who is 20, pulled one of the men off him, and “he hit her in the face. She has a bruise on her face.” Bloch says one of his daughters posted this picture of him with blood on his shirt:

greg bloch

To Heavy from Greg BlochGreg Bloch

He called it a “melee” and said his older daughter, age 24, grabbed the Trump flag back. He said one of his wife’s cousins was also struck in the face. The people then got in their car and took off, and he says he called the Sheriff’s Department, which has launched an investigation to try to identify them.

Bloch believes his nose was broken because it was “bleeding for a few hours. It’s tender today (August 6), and it happened Saturday (August 1). Bloch is especially upset because he said several young children in his extended family witnessed the attack and were crying.

He told Heavy that he supports Trump because he’s an “against the grain type person” whose deregulation “helps in all facets of manufacturing, and that’s my job.” He also likes Trump’s position on tax cuts, although he says Trump sometimes makes comments that are “detrimental to his own thing.”

Dean also gave further details on the attack.

“They were dropping that (pizza) all over, and my mom and I said, ‘Can you please pick that up,’” said Dean. “It was all over our campsite. They said, ‘Oh sorry.’” That was when they noticed her dad’s Trump flag, she said, and confronted him about it.

About a half hour to 45 minutes later, she said a larger group returned, including the “same lady. She was holding the flag. She had ripped it off our camper. I said, ‘That’s our property, get off our campsite, and I took it from her.'”

She said the attack was “100%” over the Trump flag. “They had ripped it off our camper, and the comments they made before about that. We were attacked because of that. My dad didn’t provoke it. He didn’t try to argue with them.”

At one point in the interview, she broke into tears. “I’m definitely having a hard time falling asleep. I think how worse it could have been. The what ifs now keep running through my head. It all happened so fast. This is what our country is turning into.”

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