Mike Pence’s Son, Michael Pence: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Michael J. Pence at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

Michael Pence, Mike Pence’s only son, is a pilot in the Marines. Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, have three children: Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey.

Here’s what you need to know about Michael Pence.

1. Lt. Michael J. Pence Is a Pilot in the Marines

Mike Pence

Michael Pence, Mike Pence’s son, is an accomplished young man in the military. (Twitter)

When Mike Pence was running for Vice President, his son Michael J. Pence was training to be a pilot. An article posted in 2015 mentioned that he was heading to flight school at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida.

Michael Pence

FacebookMichael Pence

Today he’s a pilot in the Marines. He received his wings in September 2018, with Mike Pence in attendance, Navy Times reported. Mike Pence also presented each graduate that day with a challenge coin.

Karen Pence told CNN that her faith and her faith in her son’s flying ability helps her feel secure about his military career. Her own father was an Air Force pilot and she has a pilot’s license too.

2. He’s Married to Sarah Pence, Who Has Shared Her Support for Black Lives Matter on Social Media

Michael J. Pence and his wife Sarah

FacebookMichael J. Pence

Michael Pence is married to Sarah, according to his Facebook bio, and often shares photos of the two of them on social media. She graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2019, according to her Facebook.

In June, she posted on Facebook about Black Lives Matter and shared her support.

FacebookSarah Pence on her Facebook page.

She wrote:

75 year old white man. Unarmed. Not charging the cops. Running at the cops. Or whispering threats that would require physical violence (given no one moves to detain or arrest him after he “tripped and fell”).
The point of this post is to say, this happened to an unarmed, 75 yo, white man walking up to them, and yet some of you on my newsfeed can’t imagine that cops would ever lose control or intentionally harm unarmed, peaceful, Black protestors standing still with hands up?
1. Do not go to the comment sections of this post and tell me i don’t know the whole story.
2. Do not go to the comment sections of this post and say that there is ANY reason for what the cop did.
3. If you looked at this post and saw the 14+ cops walk right by this man, and you tried to justify it in any way to yourself (they had other protestors to deal with/ not their job/ etc) rather than recognize that humanity called for action from every cop in that video, please take some time for introspection today.
4. Black lives matter. The #MeToo movement was about believing women even when there may not be strong evidence, yet we have video after video of violence against Black people and question whether to believe in the movement? No. #BlackLivesMatter

Sarah and Michael Pence were married in late 2016 in a private ceremony, Washington Examiner shared.

3. Michael Said He’s Had a Pretty Normal Childhood

Mike Pence was a congressman for 12 years, which meant that their children spent most of their lives in the public eye. But Michael told WTHR that they had a pretty normal childhood despite all that.

Frankly, we’ve had a pretty normal childhood. We’ve seen some cool things in DC and now Indiana, but it’s been pretty normal until the last six months…”

The quote, from 2013, was about how his dad had been elected governor of Indiana. Their lives changed as they moved back to their home state, away from D.C.

4. His Dad’s Political Career Was Always a ‘Family Affair’

Mike Pence and his family

FacebookMike Pence and his family


Although all of Mike Pence’s children are independent, they are also very close. According to WTHR, Mike’s political career was always a family affair.

Mike Pence told WTHR:

This has always been a family affair for us, from the very first campaign headed out to county fairs, while Karen and I would be shaking hands at the Republican tent, the kids would be standing out in front of the tent, handing out flyers and shaking hands.”

In 2012, he made a photo from his dad’s campaign his cover photo on Facebook:

5. Mike Is Proud of His Son and Often Posts About Him on Social Media

Mike Pence has always been proud of his son, Michael. He often shares photos of his son in military uniform. One person commented on this Instagram photo that it looked like Mike was following in his uncle’s footsteps.

According to his Facebook page, Michael Pence works at NASA Goddard.

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