Jack Meyers: GoFundMe Set Up to Help Burlington Teen’s Family

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GoFundMe Jack Meyers

Jack Meyers was a 16-year-old Burlington, Wisconsin, teenager who was killed when his bicycle was struck by a train on May 21, 2023, according to a Burlington police press release.

The family created a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $12,000.

“The bicyclist has been identified as 16-yar-old Jack Meyers, a Burlington resident and junior at Burlington High School. Burlington High School will have counseling services in place for students needing assistance during this time,” a Burlington Police press release says.

Police wrote that Meyers’ family wanted the public to know that Meyers was a “dedicated family member and ‘had a big heart.'”

Here’s what you need to know:

Jack Meyers Was on a Bicycle When He Tried to ‘Beat the Train,’ the Police Chief Says

“A 16-year-old male was on a bicycle disregarded the traffic control signal as he was attempting to head east to beat the train. He was tragically struck,” Burlington Police Chief,Brian Zmudzinski, said in a video interview aired on WISN-TV.

The chief described the tragedy as a “kid riding a bike on a beautiful day in Burlington. No different than many other 16 year olds within the community on a nice day like today.”

Zmudzinski added, “It’s never a good idea to try to save a couple minutes off of your day by beating the traffic control for the trains. It’s there for a reason. Sadly today we found that out.”

A police press release said that, on Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 12:38 p.m., the Racine County Communications Center received several 911 calls for “reports of a bicyclist who collided with a Canadian National Train at the intersection of Adams St. and Bridge St. in the City of Burlington.”

City of Burlington police and fire personnel “located the bicyclist underneath the train deceased,” the release says.

Preliminary investigation revealed the bicyclist “was headed eastbound, disregarded the emergency warning crossing signals which were activated and was struck while proceeding through the intersection by a southbound train,” the release adds.

It says the investigation is a collaborative one between the City of Burlington Police Department, Racine County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin State Patrol,and the Canadian National Police Department.

The GoFundMe page to Help Jack Meyers’ Family Says His Family Is ‘Devastated by This Tragic Event’

jack Meyers

GoFundMePhoto from the Jack Meyers’ family GoFundMe page.

The GoFundMe page was set up by Meyers’ grandmother. She wrote:

My name is Liz Lois and I truly appreciate you taking a moment to read my story. My 16-year-old grandson Jack Meyers (pictured in happier times) was killed yesterday while crossing the train tracks on his bike.

His parents Denise, Billy and all his family are devastated by this tragic event. Any funds collected will be used to offset the funeral and other family expenses.

Any amount you are willing to contribute is so greatly appreciated, and if you aren’t able to contribute money at this time, a share with your family and friends would mean the world to us as well.

A Friend Described Jack Meyers as ‘Such an Amazing Human Being’

“It’s a grave loss and he didn’t deserve it,” Travis Smith, Jack’s brother, told WISN-TV.

“He just loved hanging out with us all the time,” Smith said to the television station. “He’s always there if we were ever having a family event.”

“He’s such an amazing human being,” said Hope Robinson, a friend of Meyers’, to WISN-TV. “We all miss him so much and love him so much. We’re all devastated by this. I’m going to miss him.”

A Man Described Hearing the ‘Train Hit the Brakes’

A man wrote on Facebook that he had just passed through the intersection.

“Just so sad and crazy definately feel for the family of this young boy prayers for them!” he wrote on Facebook. “I was driving with my boys in the car alongside this train and turned left at that very intersection within seconds of this happening I was taking my boys fishing over by browns lake and i had no idea untill later in the day what had happened.”

He added:

I just heard the train hit the brakes like ive never heard one try to stop like that before but im fairly certain that train never had a chance to even hit the brakes untill after the boy had already been hit unfortunately. As a parent that is extremely sad and everyone should make their kids aware that its never something to mess around with if the gates go down dont even chance it, its not worth the risk! What a horrible incident a terrible tragedy!😓

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