Read Scot Now: Where Is the Former Chippendales Dancer Today in 2021?

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ABC News Read Scot, a former Chippendales dancer, speaks with ABC News.

Read Scot was a former Chippendales dancer who is speaking out today about the murder plot he survived 30 years ago. Scot is now a husband and producer.

Scot told PEOPLE that he was performing in London when he was pulled offstage to hear a message from members of Scotland Yard. The investigators informed him about an attempt on his life with specific details about the murder plot. It had been four years since his Chippendales choreographer, Nick de Noia, had been murdered in his office. Associate Producer Candace Mayeron told Elle Magazine that tension had been building between de Noia and Chippendales founder Somen “Steve” Banerjee, which reached its height after de Noia retained the touring rights to Chippendales and several former dancers left the troupe to launch Adonis, a competing all-male exotic dance crew. It took years for investigators to gather enough information to charge Banerjee.

ABC 20/20 is digging into the salacious murder plot on its season 44 premiere tonight. ‘The Chippendales Murder’ airs at 9 p.m. Eastern time Friday, October 8, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Scot Is Now the Executive Producer of Great Scot! Entertainment & Married to Wife Carol

Today, Read Scot is the executive producer of an event and entertainment company, Great Scot! Entertainment, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, his LinkedIn profile says. He founded the business in 2018, his profile says.

“GREAT SCOT! Entertainment offers that personal focus on detail that ensures the success of your event. Over 30 years of experience in the Entertainment and Event industry. Events, Productions and Talent-GREAT SCOT! does it all,” his profile says.

His profile says that he held several high-ranking positions with other entertainment companies and volunteered for two years with Wounded Warriors, Make-a-Wish Foundation and other organizations, ending in 2014. He studied theater and dance at Southern Methodist University and studied radio and television broadcasting technology at American Broadcast College, the profile says.

PEOPLE reported that he runs Great Scot! Entertainment with his wife, Carol. They have been married for 21 years, the article said.

Scot Said He ‘Slept With the Lights On’ for Years After Learning About the Murder Plot

Scot recalled the dramatic moment when he learned about the attempt on his life in an interview with PEOPLE. At the time in July 1991, he was an emcee for another male dance crew, Adonis. Scott told PEOPLE he had just taken the microphone when his business partner pulled him offstage and took him to members of Scotland Yard, who were waiting for him with a message.

“There is a contract out for your life. It’s going to be a cyanide injection…[Someone] will get close to you and inject you with a needle,” Scot said the officers told him.

Scot told PEOPLE that he had a difficult time processing the information.

“I got this cold chill as a detective told me, ‘You can run and hide or you can stay and we catch [the killer] before he gets to you.’ It’s like something you hear in a movie. It didn’t seem like real life,” he told PEOPLE.

A 1993 article from the Independent detailed the case against Banerjee. At the time, Banerjee was under arrest facing charges including racketeering, arson plots and murder, the article said. Lynn Bressler, who went by the code name, “Strawberry,” told the FBI he had been hired as a hitman to kill Adonis’ manager, Steve White, and Scot, the article said. However, Bressler told the FBI that the main target was White, according to the Independent.

Bressler told the FBI he would be paid $25,000 for each person he killed, according to the Independent. He was given enough cyanide to kill 2,300, the article said. Instead of carrying out the plot, Bressler decided to inform the authorities, the article said.

While Scot survived the plot, he said in the interview that he was on high alert for years.

“For years, I looked over my shoulder, I slept with the lights on,” he told PEOPLE.

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