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How to Watch ‘House Party’ 2022 Remake Online for Free


The latest remake of a 1990s classic is “House Party,” which is produced by Lebron James and will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, July 28.

Heavy may earn an affiliate commission if you sign up via a link on this page

If you sign up for HBO Max directly through their website, there is no free trial. It’s $9.99 (with ads) or $14.99 (without ads) per month right away.

However, if you’re looking to watch for free, you can get HBO Max included with a free five-day trial of DirecTV Stream right here:

DirecTV Stream Free Trial

DirecTV Stream has four different channel packages: “Entertainment,” “Choice,” “Ultimate” and “Premier.”

HBO Max is available as an add-on to any of these packages (any add-on can be included with your free trial), or, if you’re planning on keeping it long-term, you can get three months of HBO Max included at no extra cost with any of the “Choice” or above bundles.

Once signed up for DirecTV Stream, you can watch “House Party” live or on-demand on the HBO Max app (not the DirecTV Stream app), which is available on your Roku, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, Apple TV, Chromecast, any device with Android TV (such as a Sony TV or Nvidia Shield), Samsung Smart TV, PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One or Series X/S, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or Android tablet.

When signing in to HBO Max, you’ll use your DirecTV Stream credentials.

‘House Party’ 2022 Preview

New House Party Movie First Look | The Movie BlogHouse Party is a well-known film franchise starring rapper Kid and Play. The movie expanded on the popularity of the duo in the 90’s and became a household mainstay next to other urban classic films. After 5 entries we’re getting a new entry that seems to be a reboot or remake of the original and…2022-05-11T21:53:45Z

The original “House Party” was released in 1990 and starred Kid ‘n Play (real names Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) as two high schoolers — Play is throwing an epic party while his parents are out of town, but Kid gets grounded for fighting at school and has to sneak out in order to attend the party. Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, and George Clinton co-star. THe film was followed up by three sequels.

Now the original film is getting a remake, produced by LeBron James — but don’t call it a reboot.

“This is definitely not a reboot. It’s an entirely new look for a classic movie,” James told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “Everyone I grew up with loved ‘House Party.’ To partner with this creative team to bring a new ‘House Party’ to a new generation is unbelievable.”

James’ producing partner Maverick James added, “We’re trying out some ideas for musicians to be cast in and to be a part of the project.”

He also said that the NBA star will probably not be making a cameo, telling THR, “There’s no plan for it now, but he’s a fantastic actor, and if he wants a role, [screenwriter] Stephen [Glover] will find a great role to put him in.”

Calmatic is directing the movie, he is the man behind the music video “Old Town Road.” The cast includes Jacob Latimore, Tosin Cole, Allen Maldonaldo, Shakira Ja’nai Payne, Rotimi, Tamera Kissen, Andrew Santino, Bill Bellamy, and DC Young Fly.

In an interview, Rotimi told TMZ that the film is “similar” to the orginal, but has “a fresh spin.”

“We have a similar storyline a bit, but it’s just new age. It’s a fresh spin on it for sure,” said the actor. “We’re not playing the same Kid and Play but it’s like a new-age version of them but not them, if that makes sense. It’s not their sons or anything like that.”

He added, “We knew that creating a generational movie like that and touching that legacy … we have to bring our A-Game. So, we didn’t take it lightly and it’s just super funny. We were able to ad-lib a lot and our director [Charles Kidd II] was really amazing at that. We just had fun and we made it today’s humor and it’s gonna be very, very special.”

“House Party” drops Thursday, July 28 on HBO Max.

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