WATCH: ISIS in Philippines Beheads Canadian John Ridsdel

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UPDATE 6/14/16 @ 6:47 am EDT: Robert Hall of Canada has also been beheaded. Watch that video here. Original story below.

In a new video purportedly released by Islamic State affiliate Abu Sayyaf, Canadian hostage John Ridsdel is beheaded after Canada’s refusal to pay the terrorists his ransom. The brutal video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on May 3 under the title “Abu Sayyaf Hostage BEHEADED Pt.1.” News of his death first broke in late April.

Ridsdel appeared in a ransom video released in November 2015 by Abu Sayyaf, the second time he was forced on camera following his kidnapping in September. He appeared along with Robert Hall, also of Canada, and Kjartan Sekkingstad of Norway. A third woman in the video, who appeared Filipino, did not speak. It was unclear if she was a hostage, too. Watch that video here.

In March, Abu Sayyaf set a one-month deadline in another video threat, then released a final 10-day warning in mid April, setting April 25 as the last date to receive a ransom payment before a hostage would be killed. Ridsdel’s death was reported on April 25.

Abu Sayyaf means “father of the swordsmith” in Arabic. According to The International Business Times, senior Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon and other masked men pledged their allegiance to ISIS in a summer of 2014 video.

In the latest video, ISIS crudely beheads Ridsdel. Watch the video above. Viewer discretion is advised.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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