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Real Name: Jaryd Lazar
Nickname(s): Summit1g
How old is Jaryd Lazar? 31 years old
D.O.B.: April 23, 1987
Birthplace: Orange County, California
Current Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Marital Status: In a relationship (Previously Divorced)
Twitch: Here
YouTube: Here
Twitter: Here
Facebook: Here
Previous Employment: Retired semi-competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, Time Warner Cable call representative

If Tyler Blevins is the Player One of Twitch, then Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar is the Player Two.

It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy road, but the semi-competitive Counter-Strike player and Time Warner Cable call representative became the second most followed streamer on Twitch as he played through PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, DayZ, and Fortnite.

Here’s everything you need to know about the streamer who arguably helped pave the way for the current streaming landscape on Twitch.

1. Summit1g’s Road to Success

Lazar grew up in Orange County, California spending most of his time at a local card shop collecting Pokemon and Lord of the Rings trading cards, according to YouTuber Michael McCrudden. One day the shop held a Counter-Strike tournament and the game impressed the teenage Lazar. “I thought it was the coolest looking, fucking thing on the planet,” said Lazar in an interview. “My first though was, ‘I need to get this game,'”

He got a free copy of the game but it wasn’t compatible with his early 2000’s computer so he instead played the original Team Fortress battling as the sniper for a few hours a day. Lazar’s father reportedly wasn’t fond of his son’s game playing at first, but after seeing his passion for the game as well as his decent school grades, he bought him a computer that could run Counter-Strike as Lazar explained in a stream.

He then gave himself the name of Summit1g. The “1g” part of the nickname supposedly originated from a group he used to play with called “first generation,” according to McCrudden. He continued to play the game as a hobby well into his adulthood.

After living in California became too expensive, Lazar moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where found employment at Time Warner Cable working as a call representative, he said in an interview with YouTuber Destiny. It was there that he started streaming as a hobby.

In 2012 he was offered money to start streaming full time, according to McCrudden. As he played CS:GO online he started slowly gaining a following. He joined team Mythic in January 2017 and in February 2017 he smashed his personal records by having over 90,000 people watching his stream as he and Mythic played in a Esports Championship Series Qualifier. And his popularity would only rise from there.

2. He’s the Second Most Followed Streamer on Twitch

summit1g net worth


Summit1g has over 3,000,000 followers on Twitch at the time of writing, making him the second most followed channel on the service according to TwitchMetrics. His average number of viewers per stream is estimated at about 15,000 and his peak viewers from last week was over 23,000.

The number one most followed streamer on Twitch is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins at over 6,170,000 followers.

According to, Lazar has an estimated subscriber count of 15,430. Content creators with huge followings can earn $3.00 per subscriber according to the Huffington Post, which means that Lazar is likely making $46,290 from subscribers alone.

Assuming that Lazar is receiving 15,000 concurrent viewers a stream, has $2.50 eCPM (“effective cost per 1,000 impressions”), and runs three commercials per hour, he would make $37.50 an hour based on research by the Huffington Post. If he streamed for 22 hours a week like he did in the last seven days according to TwitchMetrics, he would make $825 a week. If he kept that up for the whole month then he would have made $3,300 and would make $39,600 if he then kept that up for the year.

While his YouTube channel is mostly dedicated to showing off his stream highlights, it has over 496,000 subscribers and nearly 69,7000,000 views according to Social Blade. He earns an estimated $352 to $5,600 a month or $4,200 to $67,500 a year according to the site.

He also gets money from donations with one fan dropping a million bits or $10,000 during a stream. However one time he gambled bits over Twitch and lost the equivalent of $100,000, according to McCrudden.

As for his social media presence, he has over 536,000 Twitter followers and nearly 47,000 Facebook followers.

He reportedly drives a black Nissan GTR which currently retails for $99,990.

Lazar has given back to the community, donating for charities such as Gamers Outreach who provide recreation and therapy via video games to children in hospitals.

3. He Gained the Respect of Other Streamers But Also Exchanges Smack Talk With Them

Lazar has a bit of an online rivalry with the eighth most followed streamer Guy “DrDisRespect” Beahm. However they’re friendly offline. In fact, Lazar was a big inspiration for Beahm and his career. “I always had him on the third monitor when I worked at Sledgehammer, and he’s always a fun watch,” he told ESPN.

That being said, the two have often smacked talked each other. After Lazar tweeted in January 2017 about how great the H1Z1 test server is, Beahm joked that they added aim assist just for him.

In response, Lazar called the Doctor “the ultimate Twitch leech brother,” saying that he’s just trying to get people to talk about him and trying to partner up with other big streamers during their broadcasts.

He’s also butted heads with Blevins. The top streamer said he was ending his friendship with Lazar and Lazar in turn ending the friendship as well. However they have played games of Fortnite together afterwards.

Learn more about the Doctor here.

4. He Streamed With Controversial YouTube Superstar Jake Paul

SUMMIT1G PLAYS WITH JAKE PAUL AND GETS ALL THE HATE FROM EVERYONE | Summit1g Reacts To Hate CommentsSUMMIT1G PLAYS WITH JAKE PAUL AND GETS ALL THE HATE FROM EVERYONE | Summit1g Reacts To Hate Comments ❤Source//Credit: ——————————————————————————————————- Outro song: Rob Gasser – I'm Here (feat. The Eden Project) —————————————————————————————————-2018-04-09T00:30:54.000Z

Many popular streamers, themselves reaching celebrity status, have played games with other notable celebrities even if they’re not directly associated with video gaming. In a record-breaking stream, Blevins played with NFL rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster, rapper Travis Scott, and pop superstar Drake. Lazar streamed with a big celebrity himself but that stream was met with much less enthusiasm.

Lazar played a game of Fortnite Battle Royale with the popular yet controversial YouTube vlogger Jake Paul on April 9, 2018.

Many fans were not pleased with Lazar playing with such a controversial figure, with one donor calling Paul “human trash,” according to Dexerto. Lazar responded by threatening to permanently ban people from his streams.

“Bro, you’re disappointed that a guy is playing a video game with another human being that you happen to not like from a YouTube series that you don’t watch. Relax, take a chill pill, go smoke a doobie if you need to. We’re just chilling out playing some God damn Fortnite.

I’m not going to stand for this shit and I will start permabanning people, because according to me you guys seriously having problems with this, aren’t part of the true 1G squad. You’re part of that fake 1G squad.”

Lazar later took to Twitter to further defend his decision to play with Paul. “I played like 5 end of the night squad games with Jake Paul and his friends last night,” he said in a now deleted post as reported by IGN. “I had fun, everyone is pissed. And you know what Twitter? You disappoint me. Sup. I expect apologies raining in quick now. You messed up.”

He later apologized for the way he responded to his followers:

“I’m not going to apologize for playing with the people I play with at all,” he said. “… But what I will apologize for is my response, the way I acted toward some of my subs but mostly how I acted on Twitter, you know what I’m saying? So I apologize to you guys if I made anybody feel like they weren’t part of the squad that night. I should have expected negativity and I should have been lowkey knocking it out without saying anything.”

Lazar also said that he once disliked Paul and his brother, Logan, but after watching their videos he decided not to judge them based on preconceptions.

Jake has 14 million subscribers on his channel and is even getting his own talk show on YouTube Red according to The Hollywood Reporter. However he has been known for doing dangerous stunts and causing trouble for his neighbors, with one stunt having him set furniture on fire in a pool, according to Vanity Fair. He also shared his address online which caused tons of fans to appear on the street. The stunts cause his neighbors to weigh a class-action public nuisance lawsuit, according to KTLA5.

However his most infamous video, “It’s Everyday Bro,” is a rap music video where he boasts about his success. The video has over 191 million views along with a like to dislike ratio of 2,400,000 to 3,500,000.

Paul has also been accused of racism multiple times with him often mocking people in his prank videos based on their ethnicity, according to Inverse Culture. He also has been accused by his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet of emotional abuse and manipulation according to J-14.

The figure has been so controversial, in fact, that the Disney Channel and him mutually decided to part ways after he appeared on the show Bizaardvark for two years, according to US Weekly.

However, Jake isn’t nearly as contentious as Logan. In January 2018, the 17 million subscriber-strong vlogger posted a video of him stumbling across an apparent suicide victim while walking through the Aokigahara forest in Japan. After the backlash Paul took the video off of YouTube and apologized saying that he wanted to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. YouTube later released a statement sending their condolences to the family affected by the death and stating that the site prohibits violent and gory content posted in a sensationalist manner and that a graphic video can only remain on the site if it’s supported by educational or documentary information and in some cases age-gating the video.

Logan has himself been streaming games of Fortnite, with the vlogger gaining more than 100,000 on his channel before his first stream on April 8, 2018, according to Polygon. Despite the stream’s chat being almost immediately swarmed by trolls posting inappropriate messages, it peaked at around 200,000 concurrent viewers according to Polygon. Now the vlogger has over 760,000 followers on Twitch, according to TwitchMetrics.

5. Does He Have a Girlfriend?

In 2013, Lazar married his longtime girlfriend and manager Desirae Lazar, according to McCrudden. However, in 2017 he announced that they divorced a year and a half ago. “It’s been asked a lot,” Lazar said in a stream. “I’ve been trying to keep it under wraps as long as possible just because that’s our personal life. We ended absolutely mutually.” He went on to say that Desirae remains his business manager and friend.

Lazar appears to be dating a streamer known as lilchiipmunk. He has appeared briefly on her streams and both made appearances on each others’ Twitter feeds. Lilchiipmunk has her own following of 369,500 followers and an average of 400 to 500 viewers on streams according to TwitchMetrics.

6. Here’s His Most Embarrassing Gaming Moment

Summit walks through fire on map point 1v0Includes a bit extra because the oddshot, and therefor /u/YouTubeConverterBot missed it.2016-05-07T16:24:43.000Z

In May 2016, Lazar was subbing for a member of CS:GO pro team Splyce in a tournament, as Kotaku reported. Lazar eliminated the last member of the opposing team, Counter Logic Gaming, and was on his way to disarm the bomb when he accidentally walked into the flames of his own molotov cocktail. The blunder quickly went viral as Lazar apologized for the accident.

Nearly one year later Lazar would redeem himself in the only way he could, as Kotaku reported. In April 2017 he was playing with Mythic when the opponent hurled a molotov at his team. Lazar barreled down the hallway and shielded his team from the molotov with his face. “I think I blocked a molly,” he said as he gunned down the player who threw it. “I did! That was a complete accident.”

After Mythic won the round, he turned to the camera and shouted “I’ve conquered it!” in reference to the 2016 incident as his team cheered him on. “Get fucked, molotov,” he said.

7. Summit1g Swatted

VideoVideo related to summit1g: twitch, net worth, girlfriend, jake paul & more2018-04-26T14:27:33-04:00

In July 2016, during the height of Pokemon Go‘s popularity, Lazar livestreamed himself playing the game in Monument Valley Park with his friend when suddenly they were surrounded by armed police, according to KKTV.

A user in the Twitch chat told viewers to keep their eyes on the stream within the next five minutes. Lazar thought that someone was going to say hello to him but instead police showed up. Law enforcement received a report that someone was planting remote bombs in the park and was armed with an AK-47. It turns out that the situation was an example of swatting, or when people send a fake report to police and have them respond. In the case of streamers, police arrive at the victim’s address in the middle of their broadcasts. Lazar had heard of swatting before and after explaining the situation to the police they let them go. Lazar told KKTV that the police were very nice about the situation once they got the information from him.

Lazar later took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the matter:

“It’s always got to be some type of dickbag on Twitch. Literally all they’re doing is making cops waste their resources, and putting people in danger… that guy was pulling an M16 out of his trunk… and I still got the fucking Charmander, bitch.”

Swatting has been a serious problem for years, and last year one such incident led to a person’s death. In December 2017, 28-year-old Andrew Finch was shot by police after he became a victim of a swatting prank. The swatting was made after a dispute over a $1.50 bet in a Call of Duty match.

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