How to Beat the Leftovers Garden of Salvation Challenge in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Leftovers Garden of Salvation Challenge

Another weekly reset means another piece of Destiny 2 content for players to conquer. While many will be enjoying the return of Iron Banner, others will be attempting the new Garden of Salvation challenge tied to the first encounter. Called “Staying Alive,” completing this challenge will unlock the Leftovers Triumph. You will need to beat all these challenges if you want to obtain the Enlightened seal. Thankfully, this challenge isn’t too difficult if you have experience with this encounter.

To complete the Staying Alive challenge, you have to leave all of the Cyclopses alive in the room where the Consecrated Mind is depositing Voltaic Overflow charges. There will be three in each room, so we strongly recommend that both teams of three have either a Titan’s bubble or Warlock’s Well of Radiance. Additionally, all of the Cyclops in the final area (the massive field you run through) can be killed so don’t fret about having to dodge a million void rounds.

However, the Cyclops that spawn in each room with the door locked must be killed to summon the Angelic. Only the ones that appear around the Consecrated Mind must be left alive. If you destroy any of them the challenge will fail and you’ll have to restart the encounter.

For this challenge, we suggest using a lot of bubbles and wells to keep your team alive. If you play it safe then this challenge shouldn’t be too tricky. When you’re in the second room, hide at the entrance to the third room and just wait for the boss to drop a charge. There’s a lot more cover in here and if you watch the Harpy’s movements, it’s fairly easy to predict when it will release a Voltaic Overflow charge.

Warlocks should make sure to use healing grenades to give whoever is running out of the bubble and overshield, while Hunters should use smoke to go invisible. You’ll want to minimize the amount of time you spend out in the open. Even if you’re a high light level, these Cyclops can pretty much kill anyone with a single direct hit, so take it slow.

With a bit of patience and some nimble movements, you’ll complete this challenge and earn a second chest.

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