PHOTO: Donald Trump Mocked for Eating KFC With Silverware on His Jet

Twitter critics are making fun of Donald Trump for a picture he posted on social media that shows him eating KFC with a knife and fork.

Some critics were upset that Trump didn’t choose Popeyes instead. Some charged that the photo was staged because most people use plastic forks or spoons to eat KFC or they just grab the fried chicken with their hands. Others made fun of the mixed messages: A guy eating fast food on a private jet bearing his name. He did appear to be using paper plates, though. The Wall Street Journal got a free plug in the photo too.

Here are some of the Tweets reacting to Trump’s KFC picture:

Trump hasn’t had much luck posting pictures of himself eating food.

It’s not the first time that a Trump eating food picture has been mocked. He previously drew criticism for posting a picture of himself eating a Taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo.

Earlier, his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence was mocked when he went to New York and had dinner with his wife and daughter at a Chili’s restaurant.

The New York Daily News said Pence was “widely ridiculed” for his Chili’s trip.

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