Nathan Schwandt, Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Jeffree Star's boyfriend is Nathan Schwandt.

Is Jeffree Star married? No, Jeffree Star is not married, but he’s in a loving partnership with Nathan Schwandt. In fact, the couple calls themselves “Naffree,” and Nate Schwandt frequently appears in YouTube videos and on social media with Star.

Jeffree Star is an androgynous makeup artist, vlogger, and social media influencer. Star’s millions of YouTube channel subscribers are very familiar with Star and Nate’s relationship.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jeffree Star & Nathan Schwandt Aren’t Planning on Getting Married Soon

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Jeffree Star has indicated that he and Nathan don’t plan to get married soon but they don’t see the necessity.

“The marriage question is kind of like sexuality… there’s no point to label anything. I’m not opposed to marriage later in life but right now a piece of paper is not going to change my love for this cool man.”

In one tweet, Star wrote about marriage. “And no I’m not getting married, just expressing some thoughts haha ‘love’ is something I never thought I’d find until I met Nate ?” Starr wrote. That tweet was on Valentine’s Day 2017.

In one March 2016 video captiom, Star did refer to being Nathan’s “wifey,” writing, “I think I found my new favorite place… Sometimes it’s hard to break yourself away from work. I’m a Scorpio… and I’m OBSESSED with working.”

Added Star, “I’m always creating art, working on my cosmetics brand, hanging out with my 3 Pomeranians or being a wifey with Nathan (haha) Sometimes I forgot to take a BREAK FROM LIFE for a second!! We all need our brains to take a REST and RECHARGE!! It’s important to reflect on the changes and let ourselves experience accomplishments. Never take a single day for granted! So my best friend/assistant Brandy, Nathan and Christian (my videographer) took a week trip to Maui, Hawaii to explore and escape our California madness!”

2. Star Has Defended the Relationship, Saying He Wasn’t Rich When Nathan Met Him

Star has defended the relationship, which started in 2014, saying that Nate is not a gold digger and didn’t even have a YouTube channel or a lot of money when they met. “Nathan met me before I had money,” said Jeffree Star. “When I met Nathan, he had no idea what any designer label was. He is a small-town guy from Michigan.”

You can see Nathan Schwandt’s Instagram page here. It’s filled with pictures of Nathan, Star, skateboarding and other things. People like the romance a lot.

“I love Jeffree Star and Nathan’s relationship. The way they look at each other & talk about each other is everything.. #RelationshipGoals,” wrote one woman. Wrote another, “jeffree starr and his mans nathan are exactly what I want in life.”

3. Star & Nate Frequently Post Videos Together on YouTube & They Met on Instagram

BOYFRIEND Q&A: Part 1 | Jeffree StarHEEEEEY… So Nathan and I finally did our first Q&A together! We picked all of your top questions that you sent us from SnapChat & Twitter! We keep it really REAL! We discuss sexuality, how we first met… love, life and family! We will be doing more of these soon! Thank you all for showing…2016-03-20T17:16:00Z

“HEEEEEY…” Star wrote with one video that you can watch above. “So Nathan and I finally did our first Q&A together! We picked all of your top questions that you sent us from SnapChat & Twitter! We keep it really REAL! We discuss sexuality, how we first met… love, life and family!”

Star read the question on a vlog: “When are you going to marry Nathan?” Star waved away the question, saying, “Ya’ll are scandalous.”

The video has more than 6.5 million views.

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Where did they meet? Star said they met on Instagram when Nate “hit him on the DM.” Jeffree Star revealed that he’s never tried alcohol before, so he’s not going to meet anyone in a bar. Instead, he met Nathan online. “We started talking online. We started texting. And then texting led to phone calls and Facetimes. And then we started a few months later to meet in person,” said Star.

4. Nathan, Who Is From Michigan, Says It’s About a Connection Not Gender

JEFFREE STAR & NATHAN TRAVEL TO: MAUI, HAWAIII think I found my new favorite place… Sometimes it's hard to break yourself away from work. I'm a Scorpio… and I'm OBSESSED with working. I'm always creating art, working on my cosmetics brand, hanging out with my 3 Pomeranians or being a wifey with Nathan (haha) Sometimes I forgot to take a BREAK FROM…2016-03-16T16:58:10Z

At first, Schwandt worried he was being catfished because Jeffree Star didn’t pick him up at the airport. However, when they met for the first time, they clicked instantly. “We felt like we’ve known each other for years. It was crazy,” Nate said. “I don’t really meet guys online,” normally, said Star, but Nathan was like meeting an old friend.

“I just felt really comfortable, and I just felt like myself,” said Jeffree Star.

“It’s not about gender. It’s more so about having a connection with somebody,” said Nathan Schwandt. Star said society needs to be more open-minded when it comes to gender. “What’s cool about Nathan is he doesn’t need a label. He’s only been with women his entire life before meeting me,” added Jeffree Star, who revealed that Nathan is from Michigan.

THE TRUTH ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP.Today we are getting personal. I wanted to sit down and talk about my relationship… About all the rumors, questions and being in love. Being vulnerable is never easy, but necessary. Thank you for listening. 🔥WATCH THE SUMMER Jeffree Star Cosmetics CHROME REVEAL & SWATCHES ► WATCH ME DO NATHAN'S MAKEUP ► *SHOP:…2017-06-14T17:36:54Z

Star was worried about meeting Nathan’s parents but his mom and dad were “amazing…There was never any weird moments.” In fact, Star talked about makeup with Nathan’s mom.

Nathan didn’t use makeup until meeting Jeffree, but now moisturizes and lives in California. They went to the Santa Monica Pier on their first date and had dinner on the beach. “It was really cute. We just walked on the beach and talked,” said Star. “We spent hours at the beach talking.”

5. Their Lives Revolve Around Work

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They’re my world ??

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They both said that everything revolves around work in their home. They started dating in 2014 when Star was single for seven years. “Relationships are all about give and take,” said Star. Schwandt previously lived at home in his parents, and he now works with Jeffree Star’s warehouse.

They like to watch the TV show Cops together. Nathan escapes by watching movies. “Nathan wears the pants, and I wear the panties,” said Star, adding that Nathan is an “open book” and they both have the passwords to each other’s phones.

“We get along very well, and we have the same interests,” said Schwandt. Star tweeted that the couple bought a home together in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I think Nathan & I found the perfect dream house in Grand Rapids! ? Can’t wait to create more amazing memories… #bicostal #themitten” Star wrote on Twitter.