WATCH: Man Thrown Off 30-Foot Bridge ‘Face First’ in Daytona

Daytona officer arrests man for throwing another man off a bridgeA Daytona Beach police officer arrested Derrick Goodlin, 21, after spotting him throwing another man “face first” off the Main Street Bridge and 30 feet into the water, according to a report.2018-09-25T10:43:14.000Z

Derrick Goodin was arrested in Daytona Beach, Florida, after a police officer witnessed him tossing another man off a 30-foot bridge. The moment was captured on the officer’s bodycam, seen in the video above.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Daytona Beach Police Officer was Driving Along the Bridge and Witnessed the Fight Between Goodin and the Victim

Derrick Goodin

Daytona Beach Police officer Christopher Maher was driving on the Main Street Bridge on Sunday, September 23, when he witnessed a fight between two men. Maher stopped his cruiser just as the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Derrick Goodin, appeared to toss the other man off the bridge. You can briefly see that moment in the bodycam video above, at about :09. The moment can be seen a second time, in slow motion, at about :32.

Offier Maher immediately pulled his gun and ordered Goodin to get on the ground. He tells Goodin to get onto his stomach, but Goodin ignores this and instead chooses to stand up, with his back facing the officer. Goodin reaches for something in his shorts, and tosses the object into the water before complying with Officer Maher’s instructions.

Officer Maher radios for assistance, and can be heard saying that he sees the other man swimming in the water. Meanwhile, Goodin insists that the other man had jumped into the water. Officer Maher disagrees, arguing that he watched Goodin throw the man over the bridge.

Just at that time, a Daytona Beach Police Officer Christopher Maher was driving east on the span and saw Goodin and Mascaro fighting. As the officer got out of his car, he saw Goodin toss Mascaro off the bridge.

2. Derrick Goodin Continued to Insist That the Other Man Had Jumped After More Officers Arrived on the Scene

Derrick Goodin

Derrick Goodin told the officers that the other man had “assaulted my property and I felt threatened, sir.” About 1:29 into the video above, two more officers arrive to help. Goodin is still laying on the ground with handcuffs on at this point. Officer Maher tells his colleagues, “He just threw that dude over the bridge.” Goodin immediately states again, “No, I did not!”

Goodin can be heard saying that he wants the officers to see his video, to back up his claim that he had been the one assaulted. He also can be heard talking to other witnesses on the street, asking them to tell the officers what they had seen.

Goodin repeatedly insists that he did not throw the other man off the bridge. At 1:55 in the video above, Goodin says, “All I did was punch him in the face when you came up. He went over by his damn self.” Officer Maher is then seen reaching into Goodin’s pockets. He tells Goodin that he could also be charged with destruction of evidence, since he threw something from his pocket off the bridge. Goodin denies this, arguing that he had thrown his money off the bridge, not evidence.

3. The Man Who Went Over the Bridge Was Identified as Anthony Mascaro; He Was Reportedly Defending a Woman When the Fight Began

Derrick Goodin

The man who went over the bridge was identified as 33-year-old Anthony Mascaro by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, citing the police report. Mascaro and 34-year-old Stephanie Ellis were walking across the bridge when Derrick Goodin approached them.

Police said that Goodin began arguing with Ellis about money, and reportedly hit her. Mascaro stepped up to defend Ellis. Goodin allegedly threw Ellis’ bike off the bridge, before tossing Mascaro over the side as well. Mascaro hit the water face-first.

4. Mascaro Luckily Avoided Hitting Any Dangerous Objects Before Hitting the Water

Police said Anthony Mascaro was lucky in that he fell into the water. The bridge is 30-feet above the water. But the area where the fight occurred also happens to be suspended over catwalks and concrete pylons. Mascaro could have been seriously injured or killed had he struck a hard surface.

Mascaro was able to swim to a pylon. A witness in a row boat saw him and brought him back to shore.

Mascaro suffered only a small cut to his eye and refused medical treatment. He and Ellis also declined to press charges against Goodin.

5. Derrick Goodin Faces Multiple Charges

Even though Anthony Mascaro and Stephanie Ellis decided not to press charges, Derrick Goodin will face them anyway. The Daytona Beach Police Department charged him with:

• Aggravated battery causing bodily harm
• Battery
• Breach of the peace

Under Florida law, a person is charged with aggravated battery if they “Intentionally or knowingly cause great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement.”

Aggravated battery is a second-degree felony. The potential punishment if convicted is up to 15 years behind bars and a fine up to $10,000.

According to his Facebook page, Derrick Goodin is a native of Daytona Beach. His page states that he attended Daytona State College but does not list dates or whether he graduated.

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