Adam Huerta: Arizona Man Harasses IHOP Staff in Viral Video

Adam Huerta

Facebook Adam Huerta

An Arizona man is garnering viral attention — and backlash — after he was filmed shouting at an IHOP employee over a dispute about a mask and an appetizer.

The Facebook account Tmztucson Tucson posted the minute-and-a-half video on August 20, claiming it was filmed the day prior. The caption read:

IHOP east of Mission and Valencia. 8/19/2020. Man went off on the staff in front of his children and wife. Something about an appetizer, and mask policy… smh. Who knows this clown? Oh wait nevermind, we found him. Adam Veronica Huerta is the owner of Viking Car Wash – TMZ Tucson

The footage shows a man, who later identified himself as Adam Veronica Huerta on social media, berating a restaurant employee over an apparent dispute surrounding IHOP’s mask policy and the quality of an appetizer.

Huerta, who appears to be dining with his family, is heard screaming obscenities at the waitress for her “rude” demeanor toward his son when asking him to wear his mask, he claims.

“Shut the f**k up b***h, get the f**k out of my face,” Huerta yells. “You were f***ing rude to my son, you said he needs a f***ing mask…”

“The way you said it with your demeanor, you could’ve said it in a whole lot of other ways,” he continued.

Huerta also criticized the staff for serving an appetizer at the same time as their meals, instead of before.

“Doesn’t the appetizer come before the food, not with your food?” he shouts.

The video has been shared over 4,700 times and was picked up by the popular Twitter account, Fifty Shades of Whey, with the caption: “Man in Arizona verbally abuses IHOP employees in front of his family.”

The tweet has been viewed over 16,000 times.

Many have taken to social media to criticize Huerta’s behavior, with several condemning him for the example that he is setting for his kids.

Below are some of the responses:

Heavy has reached out to Huerta and is awaiting a response.

Here’s what you need to know:

Huerta Claimed the Waitress Served ‘Raw Bacon’ and ‘Shouted’ at His Son Over Their Mask Policy



In a Facebook comment screenshotted by one user, Huerta identifies himself as the man in the video.

He claimed the waitress “literally gave [me] raw meat,” referring to a plate of bacon, but admitted that he went “off the deep end” and was in the “wrong.”

Adam Huerta

Facebook screenshot

Huerta went on to say that he apologized to the people in the restaurant.

The Tucson resident expressed that the video is an unfair portrayal of who he is and that he respects women “to the fullest.”

“I am definitely not the person this video is making me out to be,” he wrote. “This video definitely doesn’t show the whole story for the people that are watching.”

Huerta Issued an Apology on Facebook



Huerta, the owner of Viking Car Wash in Tucson, issued an apology-video on his business’ Facebook page.

He posted the roughly-22-minute video on August 21, in which he called himself “an a**hole.”

Huerta also touched on several hardships that he claims to be experiencing, including his father’s kidney cancer diagnosis.

You can watch the video below:

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