WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Speech on Donald Trump at the AFL-CIO

Senator Elizabeth Warren delivered a key speech to the AFL-CIO this afternoon about the election of Donald Trump.

In the speech, Senator Warren vowed to work with the new president, saying that Trump’s victory identifies an economic anxiety in America that must be addressed.

“He spoke to the very real sense that millions of Americans have that their government and their economy has abandoned them, and he promised to rebuild the economy for working people,” she said. “…When President-Election Trump wants to take on these issues, when his goal is to increase the economic security of middle-class families, then count me in. I will push aside our differences and I will work with him to achieve that goal.

That isn’t to say that Warren plans to go along with whatever President Trump proposes, though. Warren said that as the opposition, she and her Democratic colleagues will fight longer and more passionately than ever.

Namely, Warren said that she and the rest of the Democratic party will stand up to bigotry, with this being something there will never be compromises on. Criticizing the Republican leadership in Congress, Warren noted that although Donald Trump won the presidency, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the Republicans in Congress saw their way of doing things soundly rejected by the American people.

Warren’s speech was streamed live on Facebook, and even though it was posted in the middle of the work day with very short notice, it ended up receiving nearly 17,000 live views.


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