Heather Robertson Photos: Pictures of Texas Teacher

A Texas kindergarten teacher has reportedly admitted to cops that she had threesome with two high school students. Heather Robertson, 38, is facing four charges of an improper relationship between a student and educator in the town of Lufkin, about 170 miles south east of Dallas. Robertson was arrested on April 22 when her car was pulled over by a Lufkin cop. As a result, local school superintendent, Mary Anne Whiteker, told KTRE that Robertson is "no longer an employee of the district. All the findings of the investigation were turned over to authorities."

According to the Lufkin Daily News, one student admitted to "chatting and sexting" Robertson on Snapchat. The pair became friends on social media shortly after spring break. During one conversation, Robertson allegedly invited the boy over to her apartment. When he asked if he could bring a friend, she agreed. The boy said when he arrived, Robertson was vaping on her couch. After a brief conversation, Robertson led the boys into her bedroom, undressed and had sex with the pair.

It was those two boys that led the investigators to other victims, reports the Daily News. One of those other boys also contacted Robertson through Snapchat. He said that Robertson would pick him up after he had snuck out of his home.

Here are the photos of Heather Robertson that you need to see:

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