WATCH: Student Freaks Out After Getting Fake ID Confiscated on First Day of Class

A Syracuse University student on the first day of a public policy class lost her temper when her professor, William D. Coplin, confiscated her fake ID in front of the class. The video begins midway into the exchange between the two, with the professor asking the student, “So… I have a question for you. How old are you?”

“Ummm… 19,” the student answers.

The exchange grows heated as the professor denies returning the student her fake ID. Eventually, she stands up and yells, “Are you f**king kidding me?!”

However, despite the good acting, it has been discovered that the incident was completely staged. According to students at Syracuse, the exchange happens every year and the professor brings in someone to help stage it.

The actress in the video was also tracked down and asked for anonymity before giving this exchange:

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However, despite its inauthenticity, the exchange has gone viral on both Twitter and Instagram:

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